Commit a6759b90 authored by Golban Stefan's avatar Golban Stefan
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Merge branch '1-check-foreingkey-reference-table-schema' into 'master'

solve ref table schema

Closes #1

See merge request synaptek/yii2tech-migration-creator!1
parents e16abf0f 5b7bcc02
......@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@ class Generator extends Component
$data[$fk->name] = new TableForeignKey([
'name' => $fk->name,
'columns' => $fk->columnNames,
'refTable' => $fk->foreignTableName,
'refTable' =>$this->db->schema->defaultSchema.".".$fk->foreignTableName,
'refColumns' => $fk->foreignColumnNames,
'onDelete' => $fk->onDelete,
'onUpdate' => $fk->onUpdate,
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